terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions 

The following conditions regulate the legal relations between you (hereinafter referred to as the client) and Grand Europe Tours, a brand of European Tour and Travel Management Company, concerning travel arrangements or other services provided by GET.


The full travel price or balance shall be paid before commencement of the tour. In the event of payment not being received by the agreed date, we reserve the right not to provide the tour services and also to claim cancellation costs in accordance with below mentioned cancellation costs.  In the event of any tour being booked less than 40 days before the date of departure, the entire tour amount shall be paid upon receipt of our confirmation.  Also GET reserves the right to charge the additional costs for sending the documents overseas or depositing them at our partner counter at different European Airports.

Payments via online  payment module PayPal (when active) will attract 5% service fee.


The contracted services provided by GET shall be exclusively in accordance with the services described in the tour confirmation. We shall assume no liability for any services subsequently added by other parties.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted net and in Swiss Francs CHF.

Swiss Airport + travel documents deposit fee: CHF 30.– per file (Subject to change).

Programme amendments

Amendment before conclusion of contract GET shall assume no responsibility for amendments to the tour programme resulting from circumstances beyond our control, measures taken by official authorities, and delays by third parties.  However, GET shall make every effort to inform the client as early as possible of any amendments to the tour programme.


Amendment fee:  CHF 60.– per file by change of travel date,  change of hotel category or name change! (All subject to availability).


The client may cancel any tour before the departure date. In such an event, GET must receive the cancellation in writing before the said date.

Cancellation costs

The following cancellation fees shall apply:

-  31 days and more, 20% of the total confirmed tour price.  80% refunded.

– 30–20 days before tour departure date, 40% of the total confirmed tour price.  60% refunded.

– 19–04 days before tour departure date, 80% of the total confirmed tour price.  20% refunded.

– 03–00 days before tour departure date, 100% of the total confirmed tour price.


In the event of the client suffering harm or damages or the tour not corresponding with the contracted agreement, the client shall be both entitled and obliged to inform the service provider immediately and request redress. The service provider shall be obliged to provide assistance within a reasonable time. Should such assistance prove impossible or inadequate, the client shall be required to obtain from the service provider in question written confirmation of the harm or damage suffered and the lack or inadequacy of the assistance provided. The service provider in question shall be obliged to furnish such confirmation, but shall not be authorized to approve any such demands for damage or compensation.


GRAND EUROPE TOURS shall reimburse the client for the value of contracted but not provided or poorly provided services or for any additional expenditure incurred, only if it was not possible for the service provider to supply a comparable substitute service on the spot.

International agreements

In the event of international agreements restricting liability for inadequate or non-fulfillment of contracts, GRAND EUROPE TOURS reserves the right to apply the conditions of such agreements. Such international agreements exist predominantly in the field of transportation.

Liability exclusions

GRAND EUROPE TOURS shall not be liable to the client if non-fulfillment of the contract can be traced to the following causes:

  1. a) negligence on the part of the client before or during the tour
  2. b) unforeseeable or unavoidable negligence by any third party who is not a party to the contracted provision of services.
  3. c) acts of God or any occurrence which, despite care and attention, could not have been foreseen or avoided by GRAND EUROPE TOURS, the intermediary or service provider. In such cases, GRAND EUROPE TOURS shall not be liable for payment of any compensation or damages whatsoever.

Personal injury, accidents, illness in the event of personal harm, death, physical injury or illness arising from incorrect or non-fulfillment of contract by GRAND EUROPE TOURS, the company shall assume liability only if such harm, death, physical injury or illness was occasioned by GRAND EUROPE TOURS or service providers. Any such liability shall be subject to international agreements.

Loss or damage of property

In the event of loss or damage of property arising from incorrect or non-fulfillment of contract by GRAND EUROPE TOURS, the liability of GRAND EUROPE TOURS shall be restricted to a maximum sum equal to twice the tour price, unless such damage or loss was caused intentionally or due to negligence by the client or tour participants. Amounts of any such liability shall be subject to lower limits specified by international agreements.


The liability of travel, transport and airline companies is limited. GRAND EUROPE TOURS therefore recommends the client to arrange for appropriate supplementary insurance cover (for example luggage, cancellations, accidents, illness, and possible repatriation costs). The all-inclusive prices quoted by GRAND EUROPE TOURS include no insurance cover.

Entry, visa and health regulations

GRAND EUROPE TOURS shall not be responsible for the issuing or prolongation of any travel documents and visas. In the event of a cancellation due to the non-receipt or late receipt of a travel document, the Cancellation conditions shall apply.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction in contractual relations between you and GRAND EUROPE TOURS, only Swiss law shall apply. In the event of any legal action against GRAND EUROPE TOURS, notice of such action shall be submitted only to the head office of GRAND EUROPE TOURS in Zürich, Switzerland.

Place of jurisdiction is Zürich, Switzerland.  November 2019